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"Treat the patient; write the note; turn in the charges...we'll do the rest."

A Billing & Collections Specialist should be collecting fees for service. An Accountant should be accounting. A Corporate Tax Lawyer should be managing issues of corporate tax law. An Information Technologist should be maintaining information processing systems. A Clinician should be treating patients.

As I was planning to open my first clinic, I built my business plan around the following underlying principle:

"Find the best possible people to do the job; then let them do it."

As I am not an accountant, lawyer, billing & collections specialists, etc.., I was left with only two options: Learn to perform all of these functions or contract these services. The potential costs, both money and time ("trial and error" can be quite expensive), led me to a simple conclusion: If I were to treat patients and perform all the all of the innumerable administrative tasks required to manage the practice, I would spend so much time working, I'd have no time available to actually "Have a 'Life'".

"Working more and earning less," is not an agreeable professional goal.

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Peter J. Arroyo, Jr. OTR, OTD, CHT
President / CEO of Range Of Motion, Inc.



"'s mulitfaceted support and guidance..."

This letter is written in thanks to Pacific Management Services (PMS, LLC) for the company's multifaceted support and guidance of Therapeutic Associates of Maui, LLC’s success. My previous experience with private practice clinics on the mainland has provided insight as to how required time allotment for treatment versus the business aspects can be overwhelming for any entrepreneurial Clinician. I would not have had the time or resources to embark on private Occupational Therapy practice and the Industrial Rehabilitation Arena in Hawaii if it was not for PMS, LLC's commitment and established network within the Hawaiian Islands. Staffing, Bookkeeping, Credentialing, Filing Taxes, Billing both with Worker's Compensation and Employer Based Contracts would have encompassed the majority of my energies; without PMS, LLC, I could not have put emphasis where emphasis should be, and that is with patient/client treatment.

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John Mizoguchi, OTR
Owner of Therapeutic Associates of Maui, LLC



"...commitment to provide excellent service to our group..."

In the time I have worked with Pacific Management Services, I have been most impressed with their commitment to provide excellent service to our group, much to my relief.

Dennis M. Crowley, MD
Physiatry and Rehabilitation Services, LLP



“ practice would not be as successful and rewarding today if it was not for the assistance of Pacific Management Services...”

The paperwork and financing to start a practice is overwhelming in itself. Combining with that, the difficulty of managing an office, staff and billing would have greatly taken away from what I have been trained to do best, care for patients. Having a trustworthy and efficient business system, such as, Pacific Management Services, manage my practice, has allowed me to build a very successful practice over the past four years.

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Gregory Morris, D.P.M.
Owner of Gregory Morris, DPM, FACFAS
Podiatry-Foot & Ankle Surgery


”The bottom line is that we are billing and collecting much more...I could only conclude that PMS is the difference.”

Your staff at PMS have been doing an outstanding job. I like computers and how they can make our work easier and faster. But I believe in the human element first. That is what PMS has given us...The rapport between your staff and mine and their ability to work together has really made a difference”

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Linda Shikuma
Craig Y. Shikuma, M.D. Inc.


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